From The Titicaca Lake between Bolivia and Peru

‚ÄčA handmade finger puppet is average 2.5 cm wide and 8 cm high.

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At an altitude of almost 4000 meters, 25 rivers flow into one lake, filled with 41 islands. Lake Titicaca is home to the Uros Indians and the largest lake in Latin America. The special reed boats - piece by piece handmade artwork - sail over the light-salty water. Most of the water evaporates on the spot and that creates a wonderfully relaxing feeling. A place where everything comes together and stays. The Uros Indians are friendly and hospitable. They receive our "amigo" Harjan from the beginning with a big heart - lots of love - and have been knitting the handmade finger puppets for generations. From animals and fish to flowers and fairy tales. The exchange of ideas often brings a smile to the face. The Uros Indians think it's strange when we describe a black and white cow, for example ... They do not know that there. Monkeys, lions, elephants and parrots are simpler in that respect. It has become a hobby that got out of hand and that applies to all of us. It remains fun to inspire each other with new types of finger puppets. Especially in such a beautiful location. The fertile banks, the clear blue water and the white peaks are a picture to experience.



The idea to sell the finger puppets in the Netherlands originated with a local woman herself, said Harjan was persuaded to give it a try. He did, with 42 finger puppets, in one store. On his next visit he thought: "Let's go crazy, do only 2000" - and here's the story. Quality assurance has always been of paramount importance, by going there yourself and paying a fair price. The 'wholesale' purchase price is 20 to 40% higher than the sales price to tourists. Be lovingly received and work lovingly. We are going for that.



Let us take you on a journey, on the long roads of earth - no asphalt, but ground like Mother Nature that originally conceived. There on the Andes, with wonderful fields, emotion, sheep, the laundry that dries outside, an area where animals and people play and live together. Mothers gathering together on a lovely green lawn. Cute children who greet you with "Hola Amigo". Colorful hats, dresses with flowers ... Knitting is culture here in the Andes - between Peru and Bolivia. You see it everywhere, sometimes together and sometimes each in his or her own place. It is a lifestyle. Maritza expands finger puppets, which we sell in our shop, for more than 10 years. Grandfathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, friends and family. Everyone likes to knit and every person has something unique. It is a beautiful and creative environment, with self-built houses and workshops. Something unique. Some of the proceeds build a house. Others pencils for school. And to be honest, sometimes the earnings are spent on a very large and cozy village festival. That is freedom. That is Fair Trade.

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