With a history of more than 20 years of trading in Mexico and Latin America, we came across so many lovely things. We've traveled to places where imagination becomes reality.


 The wobbly is our first product, since 1986. Every year we pick them up high in the Mexican hills.

 A Mexican couple, more than 50 years together, is buying the art of can since 1972 from Mexican indians.

③ On one of the most crowded markets of Mexico you find the looky. Cozy between all the tropical fruits, the tasty nuts and colorful gadgets.

 There is a legend going around in the mountains of Guatemala. When you have worries, you can share them with small worry dolls. Before you go to bed you tell each little doll a different worry. After this, you put all your worry dolls under your pillow. While you sleep, they take all your worries away.

⑤ You find the friend catcher often at Mexican parties, where a girl can catch a boyfriend. That's why the name is pesca novio = fish a boyfriend.

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